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Rose and Roque Development

Welcome to Rose and Roque Development, where we enable personal and professional growth.


We specialise in writing interactive, discussion-based, ready to be delivered training content. Each module is no more than an hour in length, giving you the flexibility of delivering bite-sized sessions or compiling multiple modules together to make a longer session. 

By subscribing to this website and becoming a member, you will gain full access to our training catalogues.

We currently have modules on the following topics: assertiveness, coaching, call structure, empathy, interview skills, listening, rapport, managing emotions, thinking patterns, professional language and questioning skills. 

If you don't want to subscribe, you can still access a free activity and training module (by scrolling down this page) and make the most of our free Icebreakers and Blog posts. 

If you would like to contact us directly, please email support@roseandroquedevelopment.co.uk or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Services

For more information about our services, please read below. 


Traditionally icebreakers are used at the start of training sessions to "break the ice" between delegates and give them an opportunity to get to know each other. 

They can also be used during team meetings as a bonding exercise or as a way to refresh people's thoughts. 

We offer a variety of icebreakers that can be accessed and viewed for free. 

Training Activities

Our training activities can be used as stand-alone activities for icebreakers, team building or just to get people thinking.

Alternatively, they can be built into training modules to boost learning and engagement.


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Our blog contains articles about current trends, inspiring thoughts and development ideas. 

You can read our blog for free. If you have a topic that you would like us to write about, please get in touch. 

Training Modules

We have a wide variety of training modules that cover a range of topics. Such as Managing Emotions, Coaching Conversations and Assertiveness. 

All our training modules have been with the aim of anyone being able to read and deliver them, whether an experienced facilitator or not. 

To gain full access to our training modules, please subscribe and become a member.